Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nature Takes Its Course

Now that the fledging picture here in NYC has crystalized, I will be posting a little less frequently. That being said, there is still a ton of action going on as well as reports on everything that has happened up till now. To start with, here are the final redtailed hawk and peregrine tallies for nesting season 2008. Anyone with additional info, please write in.

Houston St.: 3 eyass (all survived and had to be rescued)
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine: 2 eyass (both survived and are doing well).
Inwood Hill: 3 eyass (at least two survived and are doing well).
Triborough Bridge: 2 eyass (only one survived due to the poor location of fledges. They both needed to be rescued.)
Briarwood: 3 eyass (all survived).
Fordham University: 3 eyass (all survived).
Prospect Park: 3 eyass (2 survived).
Greenwood Cemetary: 2 eyass (both survived and are doing well).

888 7th Ave.: ?
Unisphere Flushing Meadow: ?
Pelham Park: ?
Van Cortland Park: ?
Highbridge Park: ?
79th St.: ?

Peregrine Falcons:
Metlife: 2 eyass (both survived fledging)
55 Water St.: 4 eyass (all survived fledgling)
Riverside Church: 3 eyass (all survived)
Broadway Bridge: 3 eyass (all survived fledgling).

Verrazano Bridge: ?
Nassau Collesium: ?
Jersey City: ?
Pulaski Skyway: ?
Presbyterian Hospital: ?

Coming next...kestrels!!!


Robert said...


There were three Triborough nestlings. One died and the other two went through rehab.

You have Prospect and Green-Wood reversed. Green-Wood had three nestlings and one died June 8 or 9. AFAIK, Prospect just had two and they are both okay.

Why the question marks after Highbridge and 79th St.? And if ever a location deserved a question mark, Seventh Ave. is it. Although you could also tag CCNY that way, too.

yojimbot said...

Thanks for the corrections. As for Highbridge, 79th St. and CCNY, its still not clear if these failed nest attempts were re-tried in other locations that have yet to be discovered.


knithound brooklyn said...

I linked to your blog because I am a raptor fan. I live near Prospect Park and just love seeing the Red Tails swooping over the Long Meadow.

Your photographs are terrific - you must spend a ton of time searching out these birds! True dedication.

Thank you for looking at my knitting. I do love it. It has completely redefined my life. If you really want some of those mitts, it can be arranged...