Monday, June 16, 2008

Peregine Fledgling Updates

Now that almost all active raptor nests that I'm following have fledged, here's an update on the totals for peregrines so far.
55 Water: 4 successful fledges
MetLife: 2 successful fledges
Broadway Bridge: 3 successful fledges
Columbia Presbyterian:???
Riverside Church:???
Jersey City:???
Verrazano Bridge: ???
Marine Mid-Land Bridge: ???

Swinging by Riverside Church, I still have not seen any young here, but there remains ample evidence that there are eyasses in the scrape. I continually find both parents buzzing the nest and displaying food, seemingly trying to lure the young birds out.

Here's the female outside the scrape (center with Lion's head), calling to the nest.

Meanwhile up at Broadway Bridge, I still have not been able to tell if the rescue of the young peregrine was successful. When I arrived, I quickly spotted one parent and one juvy, hiding among the stairwell of the south tower.

While another adult flew in with prey for another youngster.

Who then promptly took off...

Here they chase each other around the bridge!

Later I watched in amazement as the adult male lit out over Kingsbridge to pursue pigeons!

He tore down at a group, forcing them to scatter. They wheeled and spun over Target, but the falcon had missed! It returned to the bridge, but there wasnt enough light to focus...

Instead of landing however, it did a tight turn...

and homed in on a perched pigeon!

Reap, indeed!
Flying off with the prize.

The light was fading and I hopped on the train to go home. As the 1 pulled into the 215th St. stop, I heard a peregrine calling above Inwood Hill! I exited the train on the platform, and saw both parents repeatedly diving on a building and calling. I could not see what they were so upset about, but one of the juveniles was there also.

The female made pass after pass, ignoring all sorts of prey that was flushed...such as this swift.

She finally lit out towards the bridge after some 20 minutes.

I said a special prayer for this family, and all raptor families, as they continue to beat the odds in this unforgiving City.

PS It seems that the one of the pioneers in urban Peregrine nesting--the Kodak Building, up in Rochester, N--is going to destroy the scrape after all these years. I sincerely hope they reconsider their decision and I urge all bird lovers to boycott Kodak products until they change their stance.

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