Monday, June 25, 2012

Harlem Nesters

On Sunday I took an early morning walk around Harlem to survey as many nesting birds as possible. At CCNY, I found the adult RTH pair atop Shepard Hall. RedtailPride Looks like its the Momma with the bad eye. CCNYeyeinjury Dad was nearby, CCNYRTH2 and got chased out by the adult male kestrel. CCNYRTH2vsKestrel After some searching, I found out why. Looks like there's at least 3 young from his 135th St. nest. 135thKestrel Walking North, I found this just fledged crow at 145th and Broadway. BabyCrow In Riverside Park, I found the daddy Monk Parakeet with the missing toes guarding his nest. Monk Parakeet Didnt see youngsters, but they were very skittish so I left them in peace. Monk Parakeet Working back south again, I found this adult Black-backed Gull with a bunker. Black-Backed Gull w Fish Finally, at Riverside Church, the young falcons practice their flight skills with a game of tag. Peregrine Play How many peregrines?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Long Beach, Long Island

Not to close yet not too far, Long Beach has a great blend of convenience and wildness. Coming in on the train, I spotted 3 glossy ibis in the marshes and an adult peregrine with a juvenile atop the Long Beach water tower. By the time I got there, they had flown off, but I did find Rescue Ink. On the bay side was an american oyster catcher, a lone fish crow, a kingfisher and this gull billed tern. GullBilledTern GullBilledTern Across the bay, on the small islands, I spotted juvenile osprey. Ospreys! One of the parents showed up with food and then appeared 3 youngsters. 4 Ospreys! Back out to feed the hungry brood. Osprey! Walking inland, there was a green heron flyby, waxwings and this juvenile mockingbird. BabyMocker Doing the mockingbird dance. BabyMocker_1 I found these barn swallows gathering nest materials. BarnSwallow Sunning on a dock. BarnSwallow Finally, near sunset, this group of about 12 egrets and 5 blue herons gathered in the marshes. AwesomeEgrets

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Triple Peregrine Fledge at Riverside

On Thursday, everyone was in the nest at sunset. RiversideFeeding On Friday, not one baby was to be found there. It didnt take long for me to spot all three of them swooping around the Church as well as the ICC. RiversideFledge An ever watchful Dad dove down just past me! Peregrine Attack And brought a meal to his ravenous brood. DinnerTime After mealtime it was flight training time! 1Fledgling 1Fledgling Here the unbanded male teaches a youngster about the fine art of mid-air prey snatching! DinnerTime PreyTransfer PreyTransfer PreyTransfer

Friday, June 15, 2012

Harlem Hawk in Harms Way

I found this adult redtailed hawk cowering next to an air conditioning unit on 123rd St. From the ground a bulging white shroud over its right eye was visible. EyeInjury A close up. EyeInjury I thought it might be a gouge or something, but when I looked at the pictures of the kestrel attack, it was clear the bird could open the eye. KestrelAttack It seems to be the dreaded frounce, which decimated the CCNY hawk nest last year. KestrelAttack Both the adult kestrels joined in an attack and drove the bird off into Morningside Park at 120th St. I could not relocate it, but will try in the morning. RBS has posted some shots of both Cathedral parents and they seem ok. Perhaps it is a CCNY adult. Here's a gratuitous shot of one of the Cathedral youngsters. CathedralYoungster

Kestrel Fledge

There was a report of a hawk on 27th St. As it was nearby to a client, I went to check it out. Turns out it was a very young female kestrel, barely flighted, but still it did well enough to make it to the top of a low brick building. I could not locate the scrape in this dense and blocked area. Here's a video of the little gal going from the hotel to the side, then the top of a a roof.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Broadway Bridge Fledge

More than any other NYC nest, Broadway Bridge is the most hazardous come fledge time. Its really a pick your poison kind of place: Deadly currents, a moving bridge, not one but two different trains (the 1 train and MetroNorth), plus a very hazardous road-deck. Today I was very relieved to see one of the two youngsters safely out of the nest BroadwayBridge BroadwayFledge and fairly well flighted. BroadwayFledge BroadwayFledge BroadwayFledge Great as that was, watching the parents hunt from the El was breathtaking. BroadwayHunt Here the parent goes inverted as it rolls down on some pigeons. Inverted Dive BroadwayMom Broadway Hunt Broadway Hunt The youngster settles in, Broadway Fledge but his sibling seemed ready to go. BroadwayAlmostFledge Good luck guys, Ill be watching as best I can.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hawk Time

What time is it? Hawk Time Its baby hawk time! Hawk Time Hawk Time Hawk Time Feeding Time. Hawk FeedingTime Kestrel Attack Time. Kestrel vs Hawk Almost 2nd Fledge Time. Dynamic Duo