Monday, June 16, 2008

Inwood Hill

Following up on reports that the Inwood Hill redtails have begun to fledge, myself and Adam headed over there after visiting Broadway Bridge to see if we could find any signs. As we came up to the Park, there was tons of activity both human and avian. Approaching Smuggler's Cove, I scanned for any waterbirds and was shocked to see one of the eyass huddled beneath the landing dock.

It was standing on a small log, half submerged! Needless to say, we were very concerned, so we located one of the rangers who assured us that the young bird could fly fairly well and would be ok. In addition, we learned that there was also a second fledge somewhere else in the Park. We decided to stay with this guy even though a huge thunderstorm had begun to move through.

There were all kinds of birds on the dock harassing the hawk. It was really a democracy of anger...with grackles, robins and even barn swallows joining in the harassment!

Here he gets buzzed by one of the swallows!

Eventually, the hawk lit off and landed in a tree overlooking the meadow.

Where it bounded around from tree to tree as even more bird came to mob. At one point a mocker, catbird, grackle and robin were all taking turns!

We then ran for cover as the lightning became more intense. After about 20 minutes, someone came to the ranger station saying that one of the young had landed in the street. We emerged to find it in a tree over the water. Again, there was a mob of about 20 birds harassing the poor guy.
There was this first year adult male oriole...

there was this adult male orchard oriole...

then there was all three!

Here's a composite of the orchard oriole taking a few swipes!

Later on, I did locate the oriole nest.

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