Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hunting Hawks

Lots of hungry hawks today. These are two different hawks making passes by the roof.
First this unscathed young male making a pass,

then this young hawk with two missing right primaries.

Lots of great hawk action, but very hard to follow. At one point there were 4 hawks, 2 peregrines, 1 kestrel and what seemed to be 3 bald eagles all in view. Oh and 4 monk parakeets also taking sun over 125th. Here's a few other choice shots.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

It Takes An East Village

There was an email today on the listserv about a trapped hawk in the East Village. After contacting the poster, it seemed there was a juvenile redtailed hawk that was stuck in the building air-shaft since before the blizzard. Both Bobby Horvath and myself arrived on the scene and after carefully coordination between myself, Franco (concerned tenant) and the Super, we were able to shoo the bird to a 4th floor window ledge where Bobby snagged it! I was very relieved as it was kind of sketchy and either bird or human could've been very easily hurt. This is why its great to have the raptorsnyc group, so that experienced people can attempt these rescues with out them turning tragic. In this case we wound up with an emaciated and tar stained bird that was had torn off the tips of most of the primaries as it flitted about in the narrow confines of the brick shaft.

Here you can see some of the tar hanging off its beak that was also on its feet and tail feathers. It also had a bit of blood from where it bit its tongue.

As I circled the block, I noticed the Marble Cemetery was just south so I wanted to see how the hawk may have been drawn in there while chasing a large flock of pigeons that congregates there. To my surprise, there was another juvenile red-tailed hawk on the very building I had just come from. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a nest somewhere very close to that area, that is separate and distinct from the nest near Washington Sq. Park. Perhaps it is the reconstituted Houston St. pair from 2008? I noticed Tompkins Sq. Park is just north of this location, but have not found a nest there. Also of note is an American Kestrel nest on this block and many people told me of the Common Raven found there. The East Village is going to the birds!!!