Wednesday, May 07, 2014

comme d' habitude

Warbler migration birding by ear has produced great birds. Starting with 154 Northern Parula and a rare treat, Cerulean Warbler 155. I also had a few blue headed vireo 156 mixed in the bunch. The tropical wave also brought a few flycatchers in such as kingbird 157 and great crested flycatcher 158. Also the summer tanager 159, and scarlet tanager 160.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Spring Additions

Now that Spring migration is in full swing I'd like to add some color to the list. So far my favorite is Prairie Warbler at 127. There is also yellow warbler at 128 and goldfinch at 129 almost full breeding plumage. The palm warber at 130 is another yellow bird, or a yellow-y sort of brown as is the veery 131 and ovenbird 132. This bay-breasted warbler 134 was gorgeous in the sun. As was this black throated green 135 and a few common yellow throats 136, one of which flew into a window. Also had a male and female black and white warbler 136. Adding to the list are yellow shafted flicker 137, American Crow 138, Black-capped Chickadee 139, Common Snipe 149, Ruby-crowned kinglet 150, Golden Crowned Kinglet 151, purple martin 152, and barn swallow 153.