Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Waterbirds

Getting some great looks at waterbirds around the City. Normally there are Canvasback around Harlem Piers, but instead I found this Common Golden-eye. GoldenEye On the Reservoir today were all kinds of cool birds seeking shelter from the gale. Highlights were these Pied-Billed Grebes, PiedBilledGrebes Hooded Mergansers, HoodedMerganser_1 Ruddy Ducks, Ruddy Preening Buffleheads, BuffleheadGang and last but not least, Lesser Scaup! Scaup Sleeping

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Croton Point Park

A brisk day up at Croton. The birds were plentiful but mostly at a distance although there were some flyovers. The most important sighting was a Golden Eagle being harassed by a redtailed hawk. GoldenEagle vs RTH Plenty of Common Mergansers. CommonMergansers Common Mergansers I had a total of 5 bald eagles, including one landing in a tree above me. BaldEagle Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Didnt see or hear any owls, but I did find these two huge pellets. Owl Pellets I did speak to a woman who had seen the GHO's recently as well as a barred owl.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

If You Love It Let It Go: 2013

Releasing 2 Saw-whets up in Inwood Hill Park. NSWO Release NSWO Release NSWO Release NSWO Release NSWO Release NSWO Release NSWO Release Much thanks to WINORR for their tireless dedication in helping our feathered and furry friends. If you would like to contribute to their efforts, check out their Facebook page to get in contact.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inwood Hill

Great weather for getting out and about. I started in the Meer and was able to relocate the NSWO although spotting him is now almost an impossible task. NSWO I think its because this guy is constantly on the prowl in the same area. Meer Hawk We then tried our luck up at Inwood Hill Park. On a day like today, with winds out of the NW, I expected to see a Bald Eagle perhaps. No such luck. After combing the many stands of pines, I did happen to find another NSWO! Inwood NSWO No direct shots of him, but just seeing that beautiful tear-drop shape nestled in the pine needles made the trip. On the way out we spotted two adult RTH's in a tree having a meal. Inwood RTHs Inwood RTHs_1 Inwood RTHs Inwood RTHs Oddly enough, there was a guy there with a hexacopter drone, apparently taking pictures of the hawks. Inwood Drone Luckily the hawks didnt seem to be bothered by this device although I didnt watch long enough to see if that had changed. On the way back to the train there was a huge murmuration of starlings at the Broadway Bridge and this guy looking to pluck one from the flock. Broadway Peregrine

Sunday, January 06, 2013

North Wood Saw Whet

There has been owls sign all throughout the North Woods in recent weeks. Following a hunch, I combed the Park until I came upon a familiar scene. Saw Whet 2013 Looking closer I realized there were several pellets amongst the droppings. I scooped a couple up. Two saw whet Pellets Using the Rob Jett reverse doo-doo triangulation method, I eventually came upon a lump in the tree. Saw Whet 2013 Yes! A beautiful saw-whet was dozing overhead. Saw Whet 2013 I ran home and got my camera can made it back for flyout. Here it is after nightfall in the streetlights glow. Saw Whet 2013 Accidental flash pic here. For the record, I do not condone the use of flash when taking pictures of owls. Also if you look at the pic, while clearer than the ambient light shot, it has absolutely no character. Saw Whet 2013 In fact if you really look, it seems as if the owl was pissed at me. Sorry Bro! Here's him preening. See how much more natural without the obstrusive flash? Saw Whet 2013 But so much more technically challenging to shoot at .5 sec exposure while hand holding, especially if you are cold! Saw Whet 2013 Fly out was very interesting. Basically a large raccoon scaled up the tree and went towards the owl. I could barely discern it flying off into the dark.

Occupy Owl Street

Its 2013 and I still give a hoot. Barred Owl 2013 Barred Owl 2013 Post fly-out. Night Owl Night Owl Near total darkness, uncropped. Night Owl