Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fledgling Updates!

With all of the excitement downtown at Houston St., I decided to check up on the Morningside eyasses to see if they were nearing fledge time. As of the writing of this post though, it appears that both chicks fledged this Sunday evening! When I was there on Saturday, both chicks looked pretty old, with alot of the down covering their heads having molted--but they still seemed some time away from flying. Here's a sequence of the mom flying into one of the chicks.

Flying out with the trash.

Later over the Park, pursued by a redwinged bb.

I also observed a singing song sparrow in breeding plumage.

And a nest building robin.

There was also a special tree that had two macabre finds underneath. Some dove feathers,

and this whitefooted mouse.

Up at CCNY, there appears to be no activity in this nest. I highly doubt there are chicks in there anymore. There is a slight, slight chance they may have fledged, but I did a cursory check of the St. Nicholas Park and did not observe anything unusual.
By chance, I also found a nesting pair of crows at Trinity Church.

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