Friday, March 23, 2012

Falcon Nest Watch

Havent had much time for birding, but I caught up with the Riverside Peregrine momma during a nest break.
Coincidentally the Zabar's kestrels nest below a lion as well.
Here's momma squeezing into the tiny nest hole.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Harried Hawks Have Heart

Despite the fact that so many hawks have died recently, there is still a steady supply of replacements to be found. Just where they come from remains a mystery, but what is sure is that fact that they will face an uncertain future. Despite the abundant food and open terrain, obstacles such as pollution, poison, and cars make their survival mostly a matter of luck. Some very experienced birds do seems to know how to navigate such dangers, but many of the new ones fail. One very experienced hawk is the female which claims the St. John the Divine nest. I caught up with her after taking a nest break whilst on St. Luke's Hospital.
Later at the Meer, I met up with one of her possible offspring.NorthwoodJuvy
Isolde's mate Norman, who was a replacement for Tristan who died in 2007, swung in and moved the youngster on in much the same fashion as the Peregrines.
MeerAdult vs Juvy
Good luck to all the nesters in 2012!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chased Away

Now that nesting season is in full swing, resident raptors assert control over their territory. Here a Riverside parents escorts last years juvenile out of the area.
Peregrine vs Peregrine
The adult was making its "e-chuck, e-chuck!" And drove the youngster out.
Peregrine vs Peregrine
They will also attempt to kill any Cooper's Hawk now found, as Cooper's will prey on young Peregrines if given a chance. This sub-adult was still lurking amongst the rooftops, trying to keep a low profile.
It lit out, trying to flush birds from their perches and almost got this Starling.
CoopersHawk vs Starling
In level flight, an aware starling is very tough to the Cooper's swung around after missing, an unseen Kestrel gave him a swat for his effort.
CoopersHawk vs Starling vs Kestrel
Kestrel passing by Riverside Church.
RiversideChurch Kestrel

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Rooftop Kestrel

Had my camera ready when this salty male showed up on my roof.
I dont know who was more surprised to see who.
It was great fun watching him hunt along the rooflines of Harlem.
Also saw him get harrassed by some gulls...something Ive never witnessed before.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Recent Raptors

Lots of hungry raptors taking shots at the birds along Morningside Park. Here are a Merlin:
Im mean really, how stupid are pigeons?
Crows vs RTH
Empire Hawk vs Crows
RTH vs Pigeons
Cooper's vs Starlings
Peregrine vs Pigeon
Peregrine Scrape
Kestrel Moon
A Cross between a Kestrel and the Moon

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Kestrel Nesting Season

Kestrel activity has been picking up quite a bit. Today I saw approximately 5 kestrels including a group of 3 that may be last years returning youngsters. The resident pair also showed up to display to the youngsters that the area was already claimed.
3 Kestrels
The juveniles spent as much time pursuing each other as they did the now paranoid starlings.
Kestrel Tag
Kestrel Tag
Kestrel Tag
Kestrel Tag
Looks like a promising start. Also had this mocker claiming my turf!
Dwyer Mocker