Friday, March 13, 2009

Nesting Season '09

So far '09 is looking positive as all the familiar resident raptors claim their territory from over-wintering juveniles. A few early pairs are already sitting on the's some updates.
One of the Cathedral hawks over the Dwyer. They have both been making forays northward recently.

At 150th I saw an adult rth ward off this juvy.

As it passes the Polo Grounds.

I have seen the kestrels around here too, but none of them mating yet. I did catch this pair at 177th St. and Amsterdam Ave.

Nearby at Highbridge,

This pair understand that the key to a relationship is good communication!

A closeup of the female.

She sprang down from the branch, weaving through the woods, redtail bobbing!
I tracked her to the nest where she settled down. (Same location as 2 yrs ago).

Further north, the Broadway Peregrines are still doing their thing. I got shots of them mating again, but they were bad. Yes, it has come to this, Im censoring falcon porn.

Last but not least, I made out this curious sight in Highbridge, near the hawk nest.

Nice raccoon loft!

If anyone has any info on raptors sightings in Harlem, let me know. Good luck!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Recent Raptors

Juvenile in Highbridge.

Peregrines on Broadway Bridge.

She flew out, calling to him!

As a side note. I've documented before the vast numbers of starlings that roost here. It seems that somebody is poisoning the starlings. There have been similar incidents in New Jersey and Pennslyvania recently. The peregrines prey upon them but such are their numbers that they dont make much of a dent in the population.

Female of Inwood Hill.

note the injured wing.

Ranger Rob had some pix of her just earlier in a duel with an eagle over the ballfields.

she leapt branch by branch till she made it to the nest. Redtailed hawks are tough birds, lets hope for the best. She did have a full crop though.

On the way out, this merlin!