Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Mating Game

Mating season has begun for NYC diurnal raptors. Courtship behavior can be observed as well as nesting and territorality. Here is the Cathedral female observing her domain.

She flew to a gargoyle,

where she lay in wait.

A nuthatch happened by, then the female launched from her blind,

and dove down in front of me. Instinctively I spun to see what she might be after!

There, that juvy Cooper's I've been photographing.

I watched wide-eyed as the female dove on the bird through the trees! Pulling up, the accipiter avoided the attack. But the Catherdral male also swooped in overhead. My camera could not follow the action through the denuded canopy. I caught the female as she emerged over Morningside Park, circling for more.

She and the male then flew off through the Park. As I walked up Morningside Avenue, I heard faint crowing. Eventually it grew louder and I soon found a group of 9 crows, moving through the trees.

Their cawing soon became very loud and in unison! The Cathedral female then dove in through the trees at the crows.

They crows broke and wheeled into the female. Through the branches I manage to get a shot.

But it didnt come out, darn. Anyway, the hawk circled a few times and rose above the crows. I worried that the Riverside Peregrines, just a few blocks away, would also enter the fray. But that did not I decided to go there to see if I could find out why. Scanning the scaffolding, I found the female at the tippy top!

Soon after, the male flew on site,

and soared up to the female!

I thought I might finally witness peregrine copulation,

but the male soared over her! He wheeled around for another pass.

On the next pass, they both flew off together!

Ahhh, togetherness!

I cant wait for Spring!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Scott's Oriole et al.

Some Pix of the Person who found it!">

Supporting cast

Listen for the juvenile whinning sound at the end. It was coming from another jay!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Full Circle

More narratives from the Parks above 110th St. Redtailed Hawks, American Kestrels, Cooper's Hawks and Peregrine Falcons all continue through the area, both hunting for prey and warding off each other.
The resident male Kestrel,

A juvy RTH hunting over the Meer.

He even went after this female hooded Merganser!

Also on the Meer,

Meanwhile, over the Douglas Houses on Amsterdam, 3 perched RTHs.

Lording over these cold pigeons.

Across to Riverside, an eagle

and another juvy RTH!

Also in the park were
gold finch



and ybss!

At the north end of the park, some 40 blocks from the first juvy, I caught a fleeting shadow from my peripheral. I swung around just in time to see another juvy RTH come right over my shoulder!
It made several well intentioned, but awkward attempts on this squirrel.
Here it is in flv,

and here in pix!

Which one do y'all prefer?
As I walked home in the stiff clear air, I swung through Mourningside to watch the sunlight deepen over Manhattan Ave. There was a familiar silouette among my favorite lookouts!

Suddenly a familiar shape emerged over the hill!

Boy, the Cooper's sure saw that too!

And lit off in pursuit...

Just then, my camera died. The Cooper's flew off before I could get another battery in, but I did watch the Cathedral Male chow down!

The Cycle Completes!