Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hawk Sunrise

This morning I got up at sunrise and saw a hawk on a nearby fire-escape. He was a slow riser. Finally,

he took a hop.

Then another.

At lunch I saw a hawk on the projects on 112th and 5th.

Later I had a chance to check out His Paleness!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Still Chillin'

After Friday's ice storm, I have been reluctant to venture out to check out any bird action. I went out for a few hours yesterday and today, but the biting wind and sloshy conditions make for some discomfort. Here's a selection of some scenes from around the nabe.
The kestrels from my hood.

A Harlem Hawk

Two low Turkey Vultures.

The St. John the Divine female, sitting low in her nest!

And the city's park life coping just fine.

Must clean elbow!

Pigeons in snow.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


After only catching intermitten glimpses of the city's kestrels this winter, I made up for that today with a total of 7! The warm weather brought out all kinds of nesting behavior throughout the city. From the outwardly amorous,

To the more tender and sweet.

The young couple remodel the flat!

These kestrels by the Park were at it too!

While the female at St. John the Divine tests out the nest.

On 96th St. we saw three kestrel chattering high overhead. The flew off, but I was able to photograph one male!

There were also three crows there.
On the reservoir, this trio of crows picked over the ice for scraps.

I also got a great shot of this guy!

Peace to all the cool people I met today, and special shout out to Bruce who blogs over at