Monday, June 09, 2008

Recent Raptor Roundup: Part 3

From the outwardly hopeful situation at the Cathedral, to the ambiguous situation at CCNY, the nesting picture still has yet to crystalize. I had no trouble finding the female perched, perfectly camouflaged on the ornate structure. She definitely seems to be guarding the nest, but no young were observed.

I did see this mockingbird defending its nest...

Hover bee!

This went on for sometime...the mocker would periodically harass the hawk and then rocket down into St. Nicholas Park.
While the nest itself appears quiet,

I did observe other signs of life. Here's a rare hawk pellet.
Comprised entirely of fine, downy feathers and broken pigeon bones, this was the first time I've ever handled one of these.

And there was much white slack underneath the nest.

A raucous group of crows--maybe 1/2 dozen in all--continues to patrol CCNY campus, just west of the nest.

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