Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Birds Part 2

As the fall migrants begin to ebb, their colder winter brethren are beginning to settle in. In addition to birds such as sparrows, titmice and chickadees, numerous species of raptors will begin to take up their winter residences here in the City's Parks. Here's a sample of these visitors...
A large juvy RTH in the North Woods,

moving rapidly throughout the trees.

The last of the warblers fattening up include Palms,

Yellow rumped,


and Kinglets.

Some of the cold weather birds include this Yellow-bellied Sapsucker,


and jays caching acorns!

Feasting on this crop of birds are numerous raptors including Cooper's Hawks. This one was over CPN,

while this one was over 150th, hunting starlings.

Also on 150th, was the resident male kestrel...

Last but not least, are the Monarch Butterflies.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Birds Part 1

The Fall migration is in full swing now. The new cast of characters is on scene ready to play out their wild drama, amidst our urban settings. Resident raptors remain, new raptors are moving through, but both are enjoying the bounty of songbirds prevalent now. From my old roof on 110th, I could make out small groups of warblers, jays, titmice and flycatchers flitting about, trying to fatten up for their long journey South.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Uptown Raptors

After some time of not being able to find them, I relocated my two "friends" on 135th St. The hawk had just caught a squirrel in the Park and landed on the school to consume it.

As you can see, all sorts of hazards threaten them on a daily basis.

Meanwhile this male kestrel took up a hunting position high up on this radio antenna, just to the east.

Next up...Migrating Raptors!