Thursday, July 30, 2009

Momentary Lapse of Judgement

I've been treated to late evening displays by the 3 Riverside Church juveniles. Here's a compilation of my tweets from yesterday and a final pic.
1. 2 juvy peregrines high above the dwyer!
2. Peregrine over morningside3:13 PM Jul 28th from txt
3. All 3 chasing 3:15 PM Jul 28th from txt
4. 1 just crashed oh no going 2 save3:16 PM Jul 28th from txt

From my vantage, I saw the young falcon tumble 16 stories and crash somewhere behind the trees. Amazingly, with the help of some maintenance workers, we quickly located the stunned bird!

Clearly seen is the injury to the juveniles beak. Just after I took this shot, he vaulted above me and then flew into Morningside Park somewhere. Subsequent efforts to locate the bird by myself and RBS have been unsuccessful.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

If You Love it Let it Go (Part 2, Screech Owls)

Following up on the kestrel release, I was contacted by the Horvath's about releasing 5 Eastern Screech Owls in Central Park.
Adam Welz gets his ESO ready...

off you go little guy!

Urban Ranger gets in on the act.

Birding Bob has red-phase!

(Also spotted was a Ivory-Billed Woodpecker).
Closeup of Screechy!

Bruce releases the one adult of the bunch.

Bobby and Francois located on of the released young.

While about 50 robins harass the lone adult!

Back at the parking lot, the Horvath's share with us some of the other injured birds in their care.
Barn Owl,

Peregrine Falcon,

Sadie lectures!