Monday, June 09, 2008

Recent Raptor Roundup: Part 1

Now that fledging season is in full swing, I present a recent raptor roundup from the Northern parts of Manhattan--from 79th St. to Broadway Bridge. This will be a 4 part post, starting with the kestrels on 79th St.
I observed at least 2 young male kestrels already fledged from this nest. Here's one perched on a fire escape...

while the other male begged loudly to the incoming mother.

He then flew off,

narrowly missing an insect in the air.

The female then lit out also.

The young would intermittenly fly off and then return. There may in fact be more, only a prolonged viewing will tell.

I also visited the new redtailed nest near the boat basin, but its been abandoned. All efforts to locate a new site were unsuccessful.

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