Thursday, January 05, 2017

Thelonius Hawk

Winter is hawk rescue season in NYC as many of the first year birds get into trouble. Whether its starvation, parasites or secondary poisoning, hawk rehabbers are admitting about 1 hawk a day from around the 5 boros. This guy was trapped in Thelonius Monk Circle on West End and 63rd St. It has an injury to its right wing and could barely fly--possibly from chasing prey--and rat bites on its feet. The Park there is heavily infested with rats and many hawks die due to secondary poisoning--in other words injesting a poisoned rat. Rather than controlling rats by restricting their food sources or using other methods such as live traps and CO2, the City has gone all in with poison, thus condemning many birds of prey to agonizing deaths. If you see a sick or injured hawk, please contact the Audubon Society who will dispatch a wildlife rescue voluteer. The animal was brought to Animal Medical Center on 62nd and York for evaluation and will be rehabbed by WINORR. All of these organizations are non-profit so please feel free to donate to will go to a great cause! Thanks to Fabian the doorman for the pix! West End Hawk West End Hawk

Friday, October 07, 2016

Fall Birds

Getting some great looks recently. Gorgeous Eastern Bluebird. Bluebird Melodic Carolina Wren. carolina wren Shy field sparrow. Field Sparrow Look out everybody, thess guys are around too! merlin Hawky

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Meadow Soprano

Bald Eagles successfully nest in NYC in over 100 years. This is the female, who Im calling Meadow Soprano, and also the largest eagle I've ever seen. Easy 7 feet wingspan...if you dont believe me, head over to Mt. Loretto! Meadow Soprano Apparently there is a second smaller eaglet too.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Waretown Mississippi Kites

Although confirmed this year, they have probably been nesting in NJ for a few season now. In any case, this was my first successful trip to see these normally southern nesters in Waretown, NJ. Incredible birds! Mississippi Kite Mississippi Kite Mississippi Kite vs Broad-winged Hawk Mississippi Kite with Cicada