Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jungle Gyms!

As the newest crop of babies takes to the air, an interesting paradox has emerged. The scaffolding that had jeopardized the nesting phase of their life has now become a playground that aids the youngsters as they learn to fly. At the Cathedral, the previous years fledges had already moved into the Park by this time. But these guys use the various nooks, crannies and ledges to linger near their nest.

At times they seem to return to the nest, but are frequently lured away by the parents. Who says you can never go back?
I wanted to see if the Riverside Church peregrine family was experiencing a similar situation with the scaffolding over there. On the way over, I encountered these two raucous juvenile downy woodpeckers, flitting over Broadway!

On arrival in Riverside Park, I noticed a family of crows keeping low in the park, feeding on mullberries.

Meanwhile over at the scrape, I discovered this juvy getting ready to fledge!

I also discovered these two eyass that already had!

They definitely showed the same affinity for the scaffolding, with the juvys flying to and fro through the structure. While there, I met a woman who has been watching them for about 10 years. She relayed alot of good information on their history. One interesting tidbit was that they young fledge every year on the summer solstice. This makes alot of sense in that it would give the young diurnal raptors the best opportunity to perfect their skills. But how do the parents time such an event? Only Nature knows!
Last but not least, these new crop of pigeons growing fast outside my window!

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