Saturday, December 15, 2012

Owl Still Love You Tomorrow

It wasnt hard to find the barred owl that has been hanging out near Sparrow Rock. BarredOwl1 It was pretty well hidden but from some angles you could get a view. BarredOwl1 As it dozed and preened I searched the area for owl sign. After some hour of searching I had found 4 pellets ranging from a small white one to one that was almost completely bones. The large, wet one caught my attention. 4 pellets It was a big, fresh pellet not in the area of the main barred but from another large owl. From there I methodically searched every single pine tree in the Great Lawn area. Near sunset I found a familiar shape lurking in the cover of some evergreens. BarredOwl2 There's nothing like the feeling of discovering an owl. As I alerted some respectful owl watchers to its location, the bird roused from its slumber. BarredOwl2 After sunset we had the pleasure of following it as it went out hunting along the East Drive. Barred Owl at Sunset Barred Owl 2

Kestrel vs. Blue Jay

In the contest between sparrow and kestrel, the kestrel mostly wins. NorthWoodsKestrel_2 But blue jays are a pretty even match. NorthWoodsKestrel_4 And while the kestrel has a formidable arsenal, the blue jay's bill makes it a potentially fatal adversary. Knowing this, these jays tried to move this kestrel off his kill. NorthWoodsKestrel_6 NorthWoodsKestrel_7 NorthWoodsKestrel_8 This bird eventually flew out to the southwest and I lost it somewhere over 104th St. The fact that it was bringing prey back to its nest is an interesting piece of info. Ill try to follow up on it.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

St. Nicholas Monks

I found the Monks yesterday eating the fruit of a tree in front of my building. MonkParakeet There were 5 birds in total. MonkParakeet MonkParakeet May have been more but this guy showed up and the party was over. DwyerRTHflyover

Monday, December 03, 2012

Funny Feeling

You ever get that feeling like you was bein watched? Frenemies Stuff like that can stick in my craw. WorkingOnAPellet But I'll always find a way to rise above. PigeonFlyby Just as long as I dont commit any cardinal sins. SweetCardinal Amen.