Monday, June 09, 2008

Recent Raptor Roundup: Part 2

The situation at the Cathedral is looking more hopeful. The chicks continue to pack on the pounds, while the parents continue their vigil. I found both chicks up in the nest, currently in that awkward half-baby/half-adolescent stage. Note, their orangey breasts are clearly visible now.

I had wondered if a new father would have some impact on this trait, but clearly it hasnt.

I found the mother on a familiar post, overlooking the nest.

While scanning the Cathedral yard, I also spotted this tree...

Holy woodpeckers, Batman!

Squirrel in repose.
Next, the female flew into the scaffolding next to the nest.

It offered her some shade from the relentless sun. She assumed the "hot hawk" pose.

Suddenly, I saw her raise her hackles and recoil!

Could it be that pesky kestrel?

Nope. Surprisingly, a huge osprey floated in, seemingly out of nowhere!

On it's first pass, it was only about 50' over the Cathedral. It then circled a few times and then flew out high to the south.

And yes, sometimes loving these birds is a heavy burden.

Frought with disappointment in our inability to harmonize with such a noble animal, and frustration in our lack of understanding.

But knowledge and art will always be the keys which unlock the ignorance which confronts them on a daily basis.

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