Friday, June 06, 2014

Late Spring 2014

I've been crazy busy with other projects but here are the last of the spring migrants. Before I add the last of the spring birds, there is a correction to my list. Palm Warbler was counted twice, so the count is at 159. Adding to that are the magnolia warbler at 160 and the male american redstart 161. At 162 there is the common yellow throated warbler, and the yellow throated warbler at 163, as well the overbird at 164. There were a bunch of vireos around including philadelphia 165, warbling 166 and red-eyed 167. Moving onto the other flycatchers was this peewee at 168. And speaking of catching, this male belted kingfisher 169 caught a fish just after this pic. I also caught this juvenile male orchard oriole going vertical at 170. Closing it out with red-headed woodpecker at 171.