Sunday, September 30, 2007

Morning, Noon and Night

From my vantage directly across the Park at 110th St., I counted hundreds of warblers per hour moving through the area. Either in small groups or individually, there seems to be a busy army picking their way across the park in a scattered wave. Most were impossible to identify as they whizzed by in darting flocks, but I did manage to pickup yellow rumped, redstarts common yellow throats, black and whites, and palms. There were also dozens and dozens of phoebes and flycatchers, even large numbers of vireos were on the wing. Im sure that the full moon also helped their transit down the Eastern Flyway all night...even a number of raptors and crows got into the action. Its safe to say that it was an amazing spectacle.

Unidentified warbler (see how hard to get a pic?)

Even this osprey with a huge fish. It flew diagonally from the direction of the reservior, northwest, finally exiting the park at 105th. It flew all the way northwest, passing right through the Cathedral Pair's territory with nary a protest.

Oops also forgot this little guy. I found him on 125th st after some older gentleman scooped him up after colliding with a Starbuck's window. I got a hold of the bird and release it in Marcus Garvey Park. Seemed like a first year common yellow throat. Its chances of surviving seemed fairly slim, but I'm pulling for you little guy.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


The one constant of life if change. Seasons, weather, life...all in perpetual flux that keeps stagnation at bay. Often the results are surprising. Here are some of the unexpected results.
Palemale near Turtle Pond

The St. John's pair, hunting pidgeons high above Morningside!

The Red Tailed from 145th, hunting in the setting sun...

A hidden kestrel tries to intercept the diving hawk!

Some butterflies...

Some ruby throated hummingbird pix!