Monday, November 26, 2007

Hawk Walk: 3rd Annual Harlem Bird Tour

Sunday proved to be a perfect day for hawks. Our group of 8 intrepid birders began on 110th and ended on 190th, with great birds all along the way. It's hard to say exactly how many different individuals we saw, but it was about 8. Here's the list as well as locations. Also check out some cool pix on Susan's flikr gallery
and Robert's blog,
110th St.
1 Adult RTH
1 Juvenile RTH
1 Juvenile RTH
1 Juvenile RTH (definitely not the same as the one we had just seen)
1 Adult Male Kestrel
1 Adult RTH
170th overlooking Highbridge,
1 RTH on the Bronx side
2 Adult RTH's
Coming back home I also saw a adult male Cooper's hawks swing past the Cathedral pursued by 4 or 5 crows. They headed off over Broadway.
Also seen:
Canada Geese
House Sparrow
WT Sparrow
Song Sparrow
Downy Woodpeckers
Blue Jays
Gold Finch
House Finch
American Kestrel
and the always popular Rock Pigeon

The Highbridge Pair


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Harlem Birds

Hopefully the weather will cooperate next weekend for the bird walk. The day will be either Saturday, Nov. 24th or Sunday, Nov. 25th. Till then, here are some of the sights which may be seen.
The Cathedral pair on Wadleigh

One of the adults on St. John

One of the youngsters,

Purple Finch



and lots and lots of crows!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Third Annual Harlem Bird Walk

Who cares about birds in Harlem? There's gotta be some people out there besides me, right? Of course there are...they came to the first and second annual walks. Also on display will be Harlem's awesome architecture and fine cuisine. Im being a bit ambitious this year in terms of planning, but I will break the walk into 3 segments for those who are not so into all that dang walking.
Phase 1:
Central Park North and Morningside Heights.
Always full of interesting fauna including mascot Hedda Gobbler!
Phase 2:
St. Nicholas and Jackie Robinson Parks
From wintering coopers to resident kestrels, these two parks have a number of surprises as well as scenic vistas.
Highbridge Park
This park is seriously big. Its got many level and layers, not all of them so appealling (ie Mole People). But its storied history and breathtaking heights will amaze!
Bonus Round:
The Peregrines of Broadway Bridge
Maybe after some Gatorade and cuchifritos will there be enough resolve to trek to the tip of Manhattan to view a pair of Peregrines up close and personal.
Anyone interested in more info, email me at yojimbot dot com
Till then, here's some more crows!