Saturday, September 17, 2011

The River Runs Red

For the past few weeks, the lower Hudson has had a light brown to red color. The DEC says its due to clay deposits being washed into the river upstream and I did see several large tree trunks still emptying down the banks.

I wonder how this impacts the fish and other wildlife as they undertake their fall migration. Surprisingly, it didnt seem to deter two osprey that have been hunting up and down the Hudson for the past week.

In addition to the osprey's I've also been seeing tons of kestrels everywhere.

Also the Monk's have been very active searching out fruiting trees around Harlem.

Finally, tons of these guys on the wing.

Navigating like tiny orange argonauts, bound for distant shore.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to the Future

The fall migration has started in earnest. While on my roof today, I got this juvenile bald eagle going Southward.

Even more amazing was that it was shadowed by a sharp-shinned hawk I had not seen. I decided to test my luck in the Park. It wasnt long before I sensed many hawks stalking through the brush. For a time I watched this juvenile redtailed hawk hunting grackles.

It didnt seem to be having too much success. Soon after there was this kestrel hunting dragonflys above the Meer. Here an adult male has just caught one!

He also didnt allow any Jays to steal his spotlight.

Finally the juvy peregrines from Riverside still seem to be hanging around.

Harlem has great birds!
Bird total: 1 juvy BE, 1 juvy RTH, 2 Adult RTH, 6 Kestrels, 2 juvy peregrines, 1 sharp shinned hawk