Saturday, May 03, 2008


As a combination of poor weather, and a recent home relocation, I have not had any chance to get any significant birding in...let alone decent pix. It might be a few more days before I can deliver, but till then, here's a running tally of the unbeliveable totals of hatchings from around the city so far.
Redtailed Hawks:
Houston St.: 2?
Riverside Park 3
Inwood Hill: 2
Highbridge: 2
CCNY: 1?
Prospect Park
5th ave., 7th Ave. and the Cathedral are all still unknown. As are Queensboro Bridge, Flushing Meadow Park, Van Cortlant Park, Pellham Bay, Forest Park, and many others throughout the boroughs. If you have nest in your area, give me a shout!
Peregrine Falcons:
55 Water St.:3 young
Jersey City, NJ: 2 young
Metlife, Riverside Church, Presbyterian Hospital, Broadway Bridge and Verrazano Bridge are all unknown.
86th St.
1 young?
112th St.
1 young?
Also out there in the night time are 2 Great Horned Owls babies and 3 ESO's. As a result of the Eco Logic Show, I learned there are also a great number of Barn Owls that nest out in Jamaica Bay.

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