Monday, May 05, 2008

Keep on Keepin' On

The nesting picture for NYC raptors has begun to solidify. After a recent update from Brett, who'se office overlooks 888 7th Ave., it seems that in addition to the 5th ave. nest, this nest will also not produce young this season. But there are definite stirrings up at the Cathedral, while CCNY remainins unknown. And the Fordham red tailed nest also is exhibiting feeding behavior! There also seems to be very promising news on the kestrel and peregrine fronts. I managed to catch up with the peregrines of 55 Water St., who have three chicks, on a lunch break (literally for us both).

Here's some video of the male flying in with prey to a calling female. She then runs to accept the gift, while he flies back out to Water St!

Down on the waterfront, I saw 1 DC cormorant, 1 Black backed gull and these guys...

a raft of brandt!

In the North Woods, I spotted many species up close.
Female Rosebreasted Grosbeak

And the male.

YR Warbler

Black and white Warbler

From my roof, I also saw and heard many birds passing through including Goldfinches, House Finches, warblers and orioles.

Suddenly, Norman crested over the buildings

Displaying a rat! Isolde sat up high on the nest awaiting a gift that never came.

But he did not fly in to the nest...instead he flew off east. Later I saw him over CPW and 104th, rat-less. Also of note, Norman is molting in his first secondary feathers. I also ran across this piece of disturbing work in the North Woods.

OK, someone needs to start a bloggy.
Winding west to the nest itself,

I saw the female sitting high up in the nest. Here's what is surely a feeding.

This guy insisted on me taking his picture. (He literally landed on the fence between where the camera was pointed and the nest).

Finally, in a bit of news about how technology and conservation can go hand in hand...the bionic eagle!

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