Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

It was a great weekend for the City, and a great weekend for birds. Up at The Cathedral nest it appears there are two babies. Also Triborough Bridge has 3 eyass. CCNY is looking promising, but dark cloud has passed over Highbridge. I rode up to the scenic bluff on St. Nicholas Terrace in the morning. After some time, a hawk emerged from the nest and flew out rapidly to the south. It's clear that alot can be happening in this nest with absolutely no indication from the street. After some time, she emerged from the east.

But the weird part is, this is one gargoyle to the south of the nest.
Some mantling behavior.

After about 15 minutes she emerged.

Feeling hopeful, I bounded up to Highbridge. I found the nest dark and lifeless. For over an hour I watched the nest, at one point hearing an oriole nearby which I could not locate. A hawk wheeled overhead, descending to the north. After some time, I walked down the paved path towards Dykeman St. As I reached the part I call the Big Rock, I heard the distinct sounds of a hawk mating! As I looked up, both hawks uncoupled and flew out north over the park. I sprinted towards the nearest clearing just in time to see them form up and grapple!

I later saw the female perched above Overlook Terrace as I boarded the train for Broadway Bridge.
In a similar scene, at the tip of Manhattan, a falcon flew out of the south tower, diving through the bridge works.

She flew out a number of times.

I dont know which was more numerous, the pollen from the trees, or the pigeons that roost in the bridge too!
Also seen along my travels...

HOSP mating...

Blue Jay bathing...

House Finch eating blossoms.

A flycatcher of some sort. At first I thought pewee, but now Im thinking emp. Anyone know, shoot me an email. In any case, a first for St. Nicholas Park.

In flight.

Last but not least, chimney swifts cavorting!

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