Friday, May 23, 2008

Nesting Updates

Many stories are emerging this Spring, some happy, some sad.

Both the Fifth Ave. and Riverside Park nests have failed (although for different reasons).

On to the good news...

The Houston St. Pair have 3 chickies!

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine has at least one chick, although the construction continues unabated, so I'm still guarded about this chick's chances. This much disruption is hard to handle.

CCNY, I was over there last night and saw new branches in the nest as well as one of the parents standing guard...I have hope their might be a chick in there too.

Highbridge, at last count there were 2 chicks, but none have been seen recently...RBS is going there today to take a look.

Inwood, Rangers report at least 2 chicks in the nest.

As for the 7th Ave nest of Jr. and Charlotte, they still seem to be using that eyrie, but no eggs or chicks observed.

The Fordham University pair have 3 nestlings.

The Triborough Bridge pair have 2 little ones.

The Briarwood nest has 3 babies.

The Flushing Meadow Park pair have 2.

The Prospect Park pair have at 2 babies.

Still alot of great news despite the obvious tragedy of Riverside and the potential tragedy still hovering (literally) above the Cathedral nest.

On to Peregrines!

The 55 Water St pair have 4 babies and they are close to fledging

Broadway Bridge looks promising (lots of activity, no young sighted yet).

I had a report that the Met life pair fledged 2 young (unconfirmed).

and then there's this crazy video from Jersey City...

Still no word on the Riverside Peregrines, but I do see the parents flying around the Church still.

And then there are the kestrels (more on these guys later)!

Any additional info, please email me!

PS, still no internets from home, so no pix till Monday.


Robert said...

There are three nestlings at the Houston St nest. See the pix at

There's a word missing in the line after Flushing Meadow, so i don't know what red-tail nest you mean there. Prospect Park? Briarwood? Somewhere else? Prospect has two and Briarwood three.

yojimbot said...

Thanks for the corrections Robert!

The missing word was Prospect Park, but Blogger somehow deleted the hyperlink...doh!