Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Lily Ponds

After yesterday's brief outing in City Hall Park, it was clear I had the warbler fever. From my roof I could see small groups of birds chirping north. There was also Norman

and an egret.

In the Park, I set up in a shaded spot over-looking the local watering hole. As the more common birds built in, like this grackle,

and goldfinch

and flicker,

warblers then began to move through for a cool drink!
First this common yellow throat came in for a peek.

then this parula came in for a bath!

There were many black throated blue warblers,

black throated greens,

and black and white warblers.

A few chestnut-sided warblers came by

and a redstart.

Also I caught glimpses of scarlet tanagers...the male

the female.

Last but not least, a thirsty white throated sparrow also flitted in.

In the Loch, these wonderful owls have been learning the ropes!

A parent keeps a watchful eye!

On a final note, I may still do the bird walk on Sunday. I will be in touch with all who have emailed me on Friday. Also, thanks for all the positive feedback on the bloggy!

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