Friday, November 02, 2012

Harlem Piers: Bald Eagles and Northern Gannets

Some interesting birds have been around lately. Not sure if its Sandy related, but today along the Hudson River at Harlem Piers I got to see 3 Bald Eagles and about a dozen Northern Gannets. First this juvenile BE flew over. BaldEagle1 Followed by one adult BaldEagle2 and its mate! BaldEagle3 They continued south for some time and I even watched the two adults engage in courting behavior somewhere over Riverside Park in the 80's. From there, I turned my attention to the River, where groups of Northern Gannets were fishing up and down the Jersey side. I think I saw over a dozen in total. Here in this shot I count 8. 8Gannets It was impossible to get close looks, GannetFlybys but it was hypnotic watching them coast around and then dive headlong into the River. GannetDive I wonder what they are catching? NorthernGannet

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