Friday, November 23, 2012

3 Owl Day

It was a really great day of birding in Central Park today. Lots of raptors to be found in all parts of the Park. @Tennis Courts: 12 Turkey Vultures, 1 adult RTH, 1 juvy RTH and 1 adult AMKE. @Reservoir had 2 coots and dozen or so ruddys. @Belvedere Castle had 1 adult Cooper's, 1 juvy RTH and a brown thrasher. @ the Ramble had 1 adult RTH, 1 adult Cooper's and one peregrine (flyby). The highlights of the day were the 3 owls I was able to locate. I started with one of the Barred Owls, Central Park Barred then heard a Great Horned Owl had been found. RambleGHO While watching it coughed up a pellet, which I retrieved and dissected to reveal the bones of a Norway rat. GHO Pellet Last but defintely not least this Norther Saw-whet. Here he is coughing up a pellet in the dark! NOSWO Coughing Up Pellet The final highlight were a few of the red bats that were flitting about. RedBat

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