Sunday, November 04, 2012

Harlem Fall Raptors

There were tons of raptors on the move today. It was hard to id many of the juveniles positively due to their distance, but I saw at least 4 juvenile RTHs, 2 adult RTHs, 3 juvenile RSHs, 12 or so BWHs, 12 TVs, the two resident peregrines, PerigrinePerigee and two AMKEs including this juvenile female. Female Kestrel A shot of one of the roofs reveals a smorgasboard of the peregrines prey. Peregrine Prey In this pic I count YBC, AR, YSF, ES, RP and Blue Jay. I also found a junco and HOSP. The surprise was the sheer number of YSF I found, even more numerous than the pigeon carcasses.

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