Thursday, November 22, 2012

Croton Point Park

It's been almost a year since I visited Croton and wanted to see how it fared during Sandy. GreatHeronandCoyoteTracks It was a beautiful, sunny day and I found most of my wish list. Although I didnt actually see the coyote, there were absolutely no ducks and these coyote tracks in the sand. I also found this downy, Downy this kingfisher, BeltedKingfisher bald eagle, BE and this adult male Cooper's Hawk. Cooper's The surprise of the day was this juvenile osprey. Osprey I also found this kestrel hunting over the Cap, MaleKestrel and what I think are white-winged crossbills. Finch ID? Storm damage to the owl sanctuary was bad, but I was happy to see both GHOs at flyout. CrotonStormDamage Hopefully the screechys did just as well.

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