Saturday, June 02, 2012

Pallisade Interstate Park

There I found great late spring birding along the Hudson River's western shore. While crossing the GWB I found this 2nd spring Peregrine on the eastern span. GWBPeregrine Once on the Jersey side, I found the resident red-tailed hawks staking out the starling nests along the cliffs. PallisadesRedtail PallisadesRedtail Looks like someone took a bite out of her wing...I wonder who? Pallisades Peregrines Pallisades Peregrines That's who! And this is why: Pallisades Peregrines seems there are at least 3 eyass in the scrape. I also found tons of orioles, BaltimoreOriole flycatchers of all sorts, Flycatcher waxwings, Waxwings as well as yellow warblers and a variety of swallows. I also found this momma Turkey with about 12 poults. TurkeywPoults TurkeywPoults Last but not least there was also a bumper crop of deer, deer ticks and bunnies. BunnyEars BabyBunny Great birding within waking distance.


scifibird said...

Can anyone identify the type of fruit that the oriole was eating? I would love to plant it on my property. It sort of looks like some type of elderberry but they are usually black.

Yojimbot said...

Thanks for your comment scifibird. I think the bush is: Pyracantha Wild Red Berries bush