Monday, June 25, 2012

Harlem Nesters

On Sunday I took an early morning walk around Harlem to survey as many nesting birds as possible. At CCNY, I found the adult RTH pair atop Shepard Hall. RedtailPride Looks like its the Momma with the bad eye. CCNYeyeinjury Dad was nearby, CCNYRTH2 and got chased out by the adult male kestrel. CCNYRTH2vsKestrel After some searching, I found out why. Looks like there's at least 3 young from his 135th St. nest. 135thKestrel Walking North, I found this just fledged crow at 145th and Broadway. BabyCrow In Riverside Park, I found the daddy Monk Parakeet with the missing toes guarding his nest. Monk Parakeet Didnt see youngsters, but they were very skittish so I left them in peace. Monk Parakeet Working back south again, I found this adult Black-backed Gull with a bunker. Black-Backed Gull w Fish Finally, at Riverside Church, the young falcons practice their flight skills with a game of tag. Peregrine Play How many peregrines?

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