Sunday, June 10, 2012

Broadway Bridge Fledge

More than any other NYC nest, Broadway Bridge is the most hazardous come fledge time. Its really a pick your poison kind of place: Deadly currents, a moving bridge, not one but two different trains (the 1 train and MetroNorth), plus a very hazardous road-deck. Today I was very relieved to see one of the two youngsters safely out of the nest BroadwayBridge BroadwayFledge and fairly well flighted. BroadwayFledge BroadwayFledge BroadwayFledge Great as that was, watching the parents hunt from the El was breathtaking. BroadwayHunt Here the parent goes inverted as it rolls down on some pigeons. Inverted Dive BroadwayMom Broadway Hunt Broadway Hunt The youngster settles in, Broadway Fledge but his sibling seemed ready to go. BroadwayAlmostFledge Good luck guys, Ill be watching as best I can.

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