Sunday, June 17, 2012

Long Beach, Long Island

Not to close yet not too far, Long Beach has a great blend of convenience and wildness. Coming in on the train, I spotted 3 glossy ibis in the marshes and an adult peregrine with a juvenile atop the Long Beach water tower. By the time I got there, they had flown off, but I did find Rescue Ink. On the bay side was an american oyster catcher, a lone fish crow, a kingfisher and this gull billed tern. GullBilledTern GullBilledTern Across the bay, on the small islands, I spotted juvenile osprey. Ospreys! One of the parents showed up with food and then appeared 3 youngsters. 4 Ospreys! Back out to feed the hungry brood. Osprey! Walking inland, there was a green heron flyby, waxwings and this juvenile mockingbird. BabyMocker Doing the mockingbird dance. BabyMocker_1 I found these barn swallows gathering nest materials. BarnSwallow Sunning on a dock. BarnSwallow Finally, near sunset, this group of about 12 egrets and 5 blue herons gathered in the marshes. AwesomeEgrets

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