Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cathedral Couple Copulates Conspicuously!

Having looked over the past years blog entries, I knew that the Cathedral couple would be active around the nest, if in fact they were going to use the same location as previous years. After locating them on St. Luke's from my roof, I jetted over post-haste to see if the same nesting behavior could be observed. I found them both on a favored air-conditioner, where the male promptly took off!

He landed in a nearby tree,

where he wrestled off large branches in his powerful grasp!

Both he and Isolde gave me incredible looks as they ferried twigs to and from the nest!

This went on for some time, and a small crowd of awe-struck people witnessed the spectacle of the two grand animals making low passes!

The Cooper's that Rbs has been tracking, briefly joined the action.

Hawk Shadow!

What do you get when you cross a stick and a hawk?

Each bird made about 3 sorties to the nest, spending a good amount of time there...

The female finally flew out and landed in the St. Luke's yard...

at which point the male flew over,

and did what Nature has so inclined these Hawks to do!

They were both off then, out hunting over Morningside. Good luck to you and all the nesting NYC Raptors! Let's hope the Cathedral is a bit more accomodating this year, giving you the space you need and site free of potential contamination!


Anonymous said...

Is it ok to use the coopers hawk photo one time for my school project? Thank you Maria Everett

yojimbot said...

of course maria! i support all educational endeavors, free of cost.