Friday, March 06, 2009

Recent Raptors

Juvenile in Highbridge.

Peregrines on Broadway Bridge.

She flew out, calling to him!

As a side note. I've documented before the vast numbers of starlings that roost here. It seems that somebody is poisoning the starlings. There have been similar incidents in New Jersey and Pennslyvania recently. The peregrines prey upon them but such are their numbers that they dont make much of a dent in the population.

Female of Inwood Hill.

note the injured wing.

Ranger Rob had some pix of her just earlier in a duel with an eagle over the ballfields.

she leapt branch by branch till she made it to the nest. Redtailed hawks are tough birds, lets hope for the best. She did have a full crop though.

On the way out, this merlin!

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