Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Harlem Raptors

Teaming up with fellow hawk-lover/blogger, Courtney, we set about to observe some of the Harlem raptors that have been visiting Columbia Campus. From my roof, the resident female kestrel appeared on scene.

She then flew to a ledge on my building!

Looks like she could use a little bath!

But I find her entralling none-the-less.

She then flew out to the south this time...

and landed on a roof top deck on 120th.

From there we noticed the Cathedral female on a familiar perch on Morningside Ave.

A crow came through to protest.

At that another adult Redtailed Hawk soared past and continued North. We then went to Riverside to check out the peregrines.
We found both on a familiar perch, and watched in amazement as a pigeon blindly stumbled past. Both falcons dove down on her, almost to street level, but the pigeon escaped. Suddenly, Courtney noticed 3 large redtailed hawks, kettling below the treeline in Riverside Park. I was only able to photograph one of them, a juvy, although one of the other's seemed to be and adult. Robert has also been tracking these birds with the hope of finding another RTH nest. If you have any additional sightings, let me know!

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Robert said...

Spotted the juvie RT in Riverside again on Tuesday. It was almost sunset and just as I reached Riverside Drive, the bird flew into a treetop a block away. Same general area as over the weekend.

I still don't know what to think of the adult(s) that I've seen in that area.