Saturday, February 14, 2009

Northern Manhattan Raptors

Starting at 125th St. and ending at Broadway Bridge, raptor pix from today's variable light.
Female kestrel on my roof.

She flies off to the cell phone tower just outside NYSC!

I made my way onto 125th Street,

where I tracked her North to 126th.

She then flew out where I lost her over 125th and 7th Ave.
Trying my luck North I found a number of hawks along the way, such as the Hood Hawk on the trash chute for one of the St. Nicholas Houses.

I also caught up with the Inwood female.

She flew out when I got too close. As I cut across east, I soon encountered a strange cachophony, as if I was under the spell of a weird ventroloquism. That is to say I could not tell where the sound was coming from, nor what could be making it. It sounded vaguely crow-like, but gutteral, like a distant croaking. Curling along the Harlem River, I made my way into a parking lot where I witnessed a remarkable sight. About 40 crows were in a tree, doing whatever it is crows do, but mostly just crowing.

There's 29 alone in the pic above. This one seemed to be the leader.

They would land in that tree crowing like mad, then circle around and make their way across the River to the Bronx side.

Where there were about 30 more! At one point a RTH did circle through above them, but they ignored it. Finally I paid a visit to the peregrines at BwayBrdge. I found the male and the female together, with she making the territorial eee-chuck calls.

Eventually the male flew out.

and landed on the edge of the south tower.

Later the female flew out waaaay over Kingsbridge,

The male also took off an returned with a huge pigeon!

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