Sunday, April 20, 2008


Definitely an overlooked gem in the City's vast parks system, Morningside Park is full of scenic vistas and horticultural delights. It's also home to the resident Red-tailed Hawks, who nest above it in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. These are some of the highlights of the spring bounty on display.

Unknown butterfly.

More of Isolde, taking a break from the nest.

And the 79th St. female, still brooding!


John B. said...

What's that goose doing in the third photo?

Robert said...

No egret today? There was one there again on Friday.

Pix I took last year also had cormorants stopping over in Morningside right about this time.

yojimbot said...

The goose was preening. He was rolling over onto his back and then wiggling about.