Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Full Bloom

It finally feels as if the cold, grey shroud of winter has lifted. Although some winter birds still remain, the first wave of spring migrants is in full swing. The hawks and peregrines are all well into brooding, and even the kestrels have begun mating and will soon brood too. This is a sample of some of the action!
Norman's reign of terror over Morningside continues!

He seems fond of starlings!

Finally caught my resident kestrels copulating on top of Wadleigh!

While downtown on Water St., I discovered another nesting kestrel pair while checking on the 55 Water peregrines. The male was nest raiding above the lunch time crowd!

And now a sampling of those migrants.
Palm Warbler


Wood thrush

White throated sparrow



Bluejays chasing each other through the trees.

Brown Creeper

Golden Crowned Kinglet

Chipping sparrow

Doves, chippers and juncos

Pigeon carcass

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