Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kestrel Pix

After a lull in birding activity, things are picking up on all fronts. The second wave of spring migrants will move through the City's Parks in a great wave. Also, with any luck, there will hatchings at the nesting raptor sites around the City. Even some of the owls in the City will be fledgling! Assessing the action from rooftop level, I witnessed many egrets, cormorants, ducks and gulls transiting from east to west. I also had fleeting glimpses of Norman...who is getting quite good at being elusive. But the most activity I saw was from the kestrels. The male was flitting frorm rooftop to rooftop.

He alit on a cornice and set up an ambush where the sparrows nest in the water spouts. Instead of diving towards the street, he peeled back and flew in to the roof less than 10 yards away. At first I couldnt get a look, but then found him on a drain vent, killing a bumblebee!

After disappearing for a while, I found him on a rooftop across the street!

I watched as he popped the head off the sparrow and discard it.

He flew out waaaay north with it. Later, I found him and the female near the scrape!

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