Friday, April 25, 2008


So there are a few notable hatchings to report. Both the Highbridge and 79th St. Red tailed hawks have their first hatchings. And the Peregrine falcons on 55 Water St. just hatched one adorable little eyass just today, with a feeding occurring at 430pm! You can still see the egg shell in the nest! Lets hope all nests report such great news!!!

On a final note, sadly it seems the Pale Male nest will not be successful, however their enduring legacy will continue on!

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Robert said...

I would expect Inwood has also hatched by now. The female there was brooding when I was up there on Mar 22, and someone else may have reported she was doing so the weekend before.

Also, Houston St. female was brooding before Mar 22, so I would think there should have been a hatch there too.