Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday

One of the mysteries surrounding this nesting season is what happened to the 55 Water St. peregrines? Having successfully nested for a dozen or so years, they have been absent from that scrape this year. Based a tip from ebirdsnyc, I traveled to the Brooklyn Bridge to see if the pair had relocated just a few blocks North to a scrape location on the Brooklyn Bridge. After waiting for a a very somber Good Friday procession to pass, I hung out at the West Tower for a good 30 minutes before a Peregrine streaked in just above the crowd! She landed in the cavity and called loudly. PeregrineScrape I scanned the skies overhead and spotted the male. BBMalePeregrine Just as I turned to check back to the female, she tore out between the cables of the Bridge. BBMalePeregrine I lost sight of both Peregrines over Brooklyn Bridge Park. I then traveled to the East Tower where I discovered a much more white-washed scrape. It could be that they are nesting here and use the West nook as a prey transfer location. I then walked to BB Park where I saw the female with prey land just near the West Tower. BBFemalePeregrine Not sure if the male gave it to her or if she caught it, but she sat there for a good 30 minutes eating it. On the West tower there was lots of evidence they are using the Bridge as at least a hunting spot. But the way they used the Bridge reminded me alot of the Broadway Bridge pair. If it is, its great news for birders as I was getting some awesomely close looks. Pix on the other hand are difficult due to the no tripod rule on the Bridge. Also watching out for crazy bikers, French tourists and everyone else makes tracking these birds through the spans very challenging. Keep your head on a swivel if you do make it out to this very scenic spot!

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