Thursday, April 19, 2012


Seems there's a young male Great Horned Owl in Central Park. I was able to get over to where it was this afternoon. The bird was high up in a shaded and branchy oak tree. It was hard to get a clear shot, but I managed to find the least blocked shot. GHO_1 Quite a crowd gathered when the Owl became very alert and switched branches. GHOvsRTH Seems his Paleness was not thrilled with this squatter, Occupying his territory. Keeyaaar! PM put on his threat display and let out his beautiful keeyar. Then he flew up to where the Owl was. GHOvsRTH Landing on a nearby branch. Thus commenced the staring game. GHOvsRTH Eventually after much bluffing, Pale Male flew off and then circled overhead. GHOvsRTH Eventually he head off West, and the Owl settled in. Wish I could've made flyout.

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