Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Circle Widens

The reconstituted Riverside pair have also reconstituted their nest, somewhere along Riverside Drive.
I found both hawks atop the Normandy. The female soon dove off and killed a pigeon right on 86th St.
Normandy Hawk
She flew to the male to consume the prey out of sight. Two residents of the building see them up there regularly and they may in fact have a nest at the top. I found them 1 block east over looking WEA, just after copulation.
Normandy Hawks
Walking toward CP, I found the pair of RTHs at 92nd St. and Amersterdam hunting pigeons. Surprisingly, two MORE RTH's circled high over head.
Dorado Hawks
The two RTH's rose up to meet them and all 4 engaged in aerial displays. Eventually the two higher birds flew North, while the two residents flew and perched atop El Dorado.
El Dorado Hawk
While watching them scan for prey, an unseen juvy crested right above me.
El Dorado Juvy
Much to my surprise, the adults tolerated it and it went on North over 96th St.
El Dorado Juvy

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