Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Sightings

Its clear that the Cathedral hawks will not nest at the Cathedral this year. Also in doubt is the nest atop Shepard's Hall, CCNY.

In a days worth of searching, I saw the Cathedral pair briefly, and not together. This is the only pic I got.

Note she is missing the middle tail feather.
The real action was with the kestrels!
I caught the dirty female and this bright, fresh male on 118th and FDB.

These cheeky house finches gathered just out of her sight.

Speaking of cheeky, a crow landed on my buildings hexagonal spire!

A Double Crested Cormorant sped past.

Soon a young female kestrel showed up!

She circled,

and hover repeatedly, trying to line up on a sparrow.

She eventually wended off east, but I picked up a Merlin

high atop ATLAH. With Flushing Meadow Fair Grounds in the Background!

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