Monday, April 20, 2009

Now with more Twitter!

Aside from their logo being a bird, and their msgs called tweets, Twitter is a great way for birders to informally share information about sightings. So, if you'd like your urban raptor updates in real time, check out Yojimbot on Twitter
Also here's my flickr photostream where I often post many more pix than I use here (I know hard to believe). In any event, soon we'll know where this years successful hawk nests are, so I should have some new stuff for you all soon.

Till then here's a pic I never posted of the juvy female kestrel preening. Clearly seen is the "false mask" and red cap that always keeps us guessing when the kestrels head is turned.

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John B. said...

If you like Twitter, you should try out Chirptracker, too. There is quite a NYC group on it.